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Our  Mission

  • To be an Organization in which candidates emerge from the grassroots and work diligently to achieve “mass appeal” based on their unique leadership qualities, character and competence.  Our goals are to foster balanced, pragmatic leadership.
  • To be an Organization that will drive innovation and change by encouraging a new political prototype of leadership. Ideal candidates are those who have led very successful non-political careers in the private and public sectors.
  • To be an Organization that will drive transformation in government by applying sound management principles to root out waste, abuse and mismanagement at all levels and departments in the bureaucracy.
  • To be an Organization where New York’s growing population of independent-minded and politically aware people may find a home with others of similar views.
  • To foster a non-ideological “big tent” party of ideas which serves as a think tank for the solutions to the problems we face. We believe that positions on social issues e.g. abortion, gay rights, etc. are best determined not by a political party but by individuals. We openly welcome party members who hold varying views on social issues.
  • To be an Organization that will vigorously pursue pro-business policies, fiscally sound government practices and a rational energy agenda that emphasizes independence and fosters economic prosperity for all.